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“Hacking” the anchor tag

Untitled photo by Neil

A person going by “ Hameed” sounded the alarm over the possibility that the href of an anchor tag could be changed by clicking on it. He felt this opened up a security hole and the feature should be disabled.

This is not a new trick. This is how Google’s search results page works.

Letter Writing Club

A monthly gathering that takes place at The Regional Assembly of Text. You can craft some mail art for free with antique typewriters and ink stamps, in an environment that sounds like the secretarial pool circa 1963.

Xmas movie


ToorCamp 2012

People’s Republic Øf Nosebridge by Neil
Dome, Tower of Consenso, and several carports (including the old DDI DiamondPlate carports…)
I attended ToorCamp 2012, the “five day, open air, tech camping event” in Washington State.

We managed to find the one place in Washington state where it is freezing cold and damp in the summertime. I think it just touches the current that eventually makes the Bay Area so frigid.

Things I would never do anywhere else: program a robot to dance, hold a sword receiving blasts of purple lighting bolts from a Gauss gun, worship at the Church of Robotron, get a preview of a cool interactive toy Star was working on, help assemble a tower built of pipes to validate one of Miloh’s theories about constructing large structures with struts of uniform length, play foosball on a table that automatically keeps score and lights up when points are scored, attend a bicycle jousting event….