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Who are you again?

I sign up for a lot of new services. I get a lot of mail like this - name redacted:


First of all, I’d like to thank all of you for signing up to try our beta version.

Since our initial launch last month, we have changed a host of things to make REDACTED faster, more stable, and more intuitive.

I’m really excited about this new version for a few reasons:

a) REDACTED now supports more computers

Our previous version was 64-bit dependent, which caused problems for some users. […]

Hello my name is by gillicious
Inigo Montoya name tag
I had no idea who REDACTED was or what they did. Their product name is one of those snappy but meaningless agglomerations of syllables, which have been compared to names of Star Wars characters.

It turns out I probably signed up for this less than a month ago, so perhaps they are surprised I am so scatterbrained as to forget what their project does. But that’s just the way things are. Your first signups are often curious technophiles like myself.

SaaS services, especially startups - please, in every communication, include some sort of very short tagline or header explaining what you are. Or work it into the opening sentence.

You can drop that when you are Facebook or Dropbox, but until then it’s necessary.