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Use Flickr images, videos, and sets on Octopress

I wrote a plugin for including Flickr images, videos, and sets into an Octopress blog. Screenshots:

octopress-flickr fancybox previews by Neil
If you have the jQuery plugin Fancybox, octopress-flickr allows you to view a zoomed image in a lightbox.
Simple image by Neil
The simplest use of the octopress-flickr plugin - include content in your blog, with a link to the Flickr page.
Sets in “slideshow” mode by Neil
If you have the jQuery plugin Fancybox installed, octopress-flickr plugin will display next and previous buttons for your sets, and enable left and right keystrokes.
sets by Neil
A simple use of Flickr sets with the octopress-flickr plugin. Just like Flickr sets, you can mix photo and video content. Videos get a little "play" icon.
octopress-flickr-darkstripes by Neil
Octopress-Flickr plugin with a popular theme, "darkstripes".
octopress-flickr-mobile by Neil
Octopress-flickr has responsive design. The above image is normally inset in a paragraph and aligned left, but on mobile is given its own block.

There are a number of hacks out there for doing similar things, but I particularly wanted a way to tell stories with Flickr sets. That meant captions, videos, next and previous links, and so on.

It’s reasonably easy to install, although you still have to hack a number of things to get it working. Octopress doesn’t have a very clean plugin system for modifying a bunch of things at once, but in fairness, if it did, it would probably turn into Enterprise Blogging Software.

Now that octopress-flickr is released, I already want more options, especially for set layout. But I think I’ll move on to other things for now - although I will happily accept pull requests!