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ToorCamp 2012

People’s Republic Øf Nosebridge by Neil
Dome, Tower of Consenso, and several carports (including the old DDI DiamondPlate carports…)
I attended ToorCamp 2012, the “five day, open air, tech camping event” in Washington State.

We managed to find the one place in Washington state where it is freezing cold and damp in the summertime. I think it just touches the current that eventually makes the Bay Area so frigid.

Things I would never do anywhere else: program a robot to dance, hold a sword receiving blasts of purple lighting bolts from a Gauss gun, worship at the Church of Robotron, get a preview of a cool interactive toy Star was working on, help assemble a tower built of pipes to validate one of Miloh’s theories about constructing large structures with struts of uniform length, play foosball on a table that automatically keeps score and lights up when points are scored, attend a bicycle jousting event….

A man and his lightning gun… by tipsen
ToorCamp 2012

Incidentally, it is fun to terrorize small children with robots. Hacked on MC Hawking’s software with some other NoiseBridge folks so it could be remotely controlled. Was a bit surprised that it was all in Java (it’s some standard package for doing robots, apparently). That made consuming a line-oriented protcol super annoying, and my more unixy style of programming is a bit foreign to Java, but we eventually made it work.

Conversations I would never have anywhere else: transgender hacker still adapting to her new life, Egyptian activist on exactly how influential the internet was in the 2010-2011 revolution, how to set up your own GSM phone service

Why isn’t the phone network working yet ?

– [complex explanation about crystals and synchronization]. This will take another six hours.

Isn’t there some quick and dirty way to do this?

– This IS the quick and dirty way.

Spontaneously taught: Haskell, how unix process forking works

Spontaneously learned: lock picking, the chemistry of baking, how to turn kelp into a musical instrument, Bitcoin, blinding, LASERS

It’s the kind of conference where you overhear a woman talking about her sex toy experiments and how nobody else seems to do this, and not one but two bystanders inform her she should be talking to qDot.

A few random photos, mostly of the PRØN people and related activities.

I usually asked permission before taking photos, except for the areas which are already recorded like the Prime Dome. But if you are depicted and don’t want to be photographed, let me know & I’ll take it down.

Pre-bicycle-jousting at CastleCamp by Neil
Pre-bicycle-jousting at CastleCamp 2 by Neil
seaweedgideridoos by Neil
@tensory cut open one of these for some impromptu biology, and then discovered their musical properties
seaweedgideridoos2 by Neil
@tensory again. She got some very nice tones out of these.
bicycle jousting by Neil
jimmy jousts by Neil
jimmy jousts 2 by Neil
Untitled photo by Neil
Untitled photo by Neil
Untitled photo by Neil
shadytel described by Neil
ShadyTel provided a local GSM network for unlocked phones at ToorCamp. Here, one of the ShadyTel campers describes the setup to someone from the reservation community and a few other geeks looking on.

When they were setting up, I asked some of them how it was going and got an instant education in how GSM networks need synchronized clocks, and (if I remember what they said) it may even take hours for a crystal to reach the right temperature to sync with GPS satellites. I asked "What’s the quick and dirty way to do this?" They said "This IS the quick and dirty way."

Rubin110 & Wiretapped & Occubus by Neil
Wiretapped & Rubin110 by Neil
Occubus & Drama Cafe in backgrond
People’s Republic Øf Nosebridge Go by Neil
With 3-D printed top to the Tower of Consenso
Thistles by Neil
This guy from nearby Port Angeles was going around introducing everybody to edible thistles
Tower of Consenso by Neil
constructed after midnight, like you do
People’s Republic Øf Nosebridge by Neil
Dome, Tower of Consenso, and several carports (including the old DDI DiamondPlate carports…)
Walk by Neil
Tower of Consenso with signs by Neil
Someone said "We should put signs on it".
People’s Republic Øf Nosebridge main dome by Neil
LED-enhanced Foosball table by Neil
Shadow, my fellow Vancouverite, brought this table with interactive LEDs and a phone app which kept score automatically, all the way from Canada.
Geodesic crafts with toothpicks by Neil
HardHack area by Neil
People’s Republic Øf Nosebridge in the background
Mitch Altman teaching Arduino class by Neil
ToorCamp welding class by Neil
Toorcamp prime dome by Neil
ToorCamp prime dome by Neil
Most of the talks were held here. I loved the scavenged panels, which I think were made with analogy to quilting.
RF Camp balloon antenna 3 by Neil
RF Camp balloon antenna 2 by Neil
RF Camp balloon antenna by Neil
Laser gloves fire by Neil
Laser gloves by Neil
The high powered lasers on this guy’s gloves illuminated the clouds.
There are a lot of inspirational anti-drug signs in the dry county of Makah. It was predictable they’d get hacked.


YOU DON’T NEED HEROIN TO BE A HERO was hacked several times, including YOU DON’T NEED MATE TO BE A HERO, and this variation, my favorite.

I was glad to see that most of the hacks were non-destructive - they could be easily lifted off.

Also: DuckTales.