I am a Canadian citizen, but worked in the San Francisco Bay Area from 2005-2012. I left to pursue some personal projects and to reset my visa status.

I should be eligible to work in the USA again soon, and can work remotely as well.

Neil Kandalgaonkar

Based in Vancouver, Canada
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Help people to cooperate at internet scale.

Work Experience

Software Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation

December 2009 - January 2012

The Wikimedia Foundation is the organization behind Wikipedia. I worked on HTML5 interfaces, multimedia, file storage, internationalization, APIs, GUI editing, parsing, live collaboration while editing, and more (commit log). Frequently deployed and configured code running live on all Wikipedia. Mentored other paid and community developers, including Google Summer of Code 2011, and winning team for Wikipedia SF Hackathon in January 2012. Left amicably to pursue personal projects and reset visa status.

Software Engineer, Yahoo (Flickr)

August 2008 - April 2009

Flickr is one of the leading photo-sharing websites in the world. I joined the PHP team and made various improvements to Flickr’s payment system, FlickrMail, and mobile APIs. I was let go as part of Yahoo-wide layoffs in April 2009.

Software Engineer, Yahoo (Upcoming.org)

December 2006 - August 2008

Upcoming.org was a collaborative events calendar, acquired by Yahoo in 2005, using PHP and Perl. I integrated event listings into Yahoo Search, redesigned the event data and geographic models, improved user interface and responsiveness, wrote a deploy system to automatically optimize site load time, and mentored new hires. Received Excellence and Hack Day Awards in 2008.

Software Engineer, Google

September 2005 - October 2006

I was part of the team that launched Google Checkout, a Java-based commerce and payments system. My primary role was to refactor Google Checkout for international markets. This included the frontend, the data store, order processing and taxation policy, the Merchant API and more. I also worked closely with the Google Accounts team to create a Checkout-specific account creation flow.

Developer, Enfold Systems

April 2005 - July 2005

Enfold Systems provides consulting and enterprise tools for Plone, an open source, Python-based content management system. I left the company amicably when I got a job offer from Google.

Lickr, open source project

April 2005

Lickr was the first complete AJAX interface for Flickr, implemented as a Greasemonkey extension for Firefox. Previously, Flickr had relied on Flash and it was an open question whether an AJAX interface was even possible or desirable. Flickr followed soon after with their own AJAX interface for all browsers.

Self-employed Consultant

May 2002 - November 2004

During this period I consulted for a number of clients, particularly Vision2Hire Solutions (acquired by BrainHunter), a maker of online human resources software.

Developer, ActiveState Corporation

September 2000 - December 2001

ActiveState produces tools for scripting language programmers. I re-engineered Programmer’s Package Manager Server, part of a system for installing Perl and Python software libraries. I also helped architect and code the ActiveState Programmer Network, a site which aggregated knowledge about such languages.

Systems Architect, Stylus Strategic Communications

June 1997 - November 1999

At Stylus, I designed and programmed web applications for some of Canada’s most successful corporations.

Other experience


Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies, Spring 2000
Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec


English, French

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