Neil Kandalgaonkar

hacker, maker of things


How’s that pronounced?

candle + (like cow, but starting with a G) + car

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Who are you?

Many people know me for some one-off hacks with graphics and UI. I’m glad if you enjoy those!

But I’ve really spent most of the last decade pushing bits through some of the biggest sites on the internet. Sometimes building new features - and when you’re serving pages out to millions of people, that’s usually about weeks of persistence and planning, just to get the tiniest change out there. But at big sites, for the most part, you’re always scaling up or refactoring just in time to prevent everything from falling apart. I sometimes felt that the people who came before me had had a lot more fun than I was having.

I’ve learned so much, but I think it’s time for me to get back into creating the rough new ideas, rather than be the person who shows up years later to smooth everything out.

So now is the time for new ideas, both serious and frivolous, things that I hope will have great impact, and some things that I hope just make you smile.

How was this site made?

See the colophon.